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Our on ground programs offer a variety of emotional support. Among the programs we aim to offer are:

Mentor Meet-ups: These casual meetings, run by certified peer specialists, will take place throughout the month and will offer participants a place to discuss their goals, victories, and challenges of recovery

Meditative Yoga: We aim to provide classes in Pittsburgh area studios for participants once a week for a period of six months

Music Therapy: Working with certified music therapists, we will provide a course of music therapy for participants who select this offering

Writing Workshops: Writing therapy is a proven tool in helping people process trauma. These workshops will be offered throughout the month and will be run by professional writers and counselors

Equine Therapy: Proven to aid in depression, anxiety, and PTSD, a course of equine therapy will be offered to those who select this option

In addition to these offerings, we plan to offer a monthly book club in which we discuss a book that deals with  mental health or substance abuse, such as John Green's Turtles All the Way Down (a young adult novel about OCD). We continually evaluate our programs, searching for the best spectrum of supports that we can offer, and will respond to the needs of our participants.


Because some of our demographic will reside outside of Allegheny County, and others will have transportation or other conflicts with attending our on ground programs, we will be offering online opportunities in Mentor Meet-ups, Writing Workshops, Book Club Meetings, and more.

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Beach Glass Services envisions a future where adolescents are able to receive the emotional support services they need to be successful in managing mental health and substance disorder struggles. Our planning includes new and innovative approaches to treatment, including assistance with learning or behavioral disability assessment and the implementation of the latest cognitive science to assist our participants in their recovery.