Our Story

Beach Glass Services is a project of Side Project, Inc., a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization and incubator for social change.

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The teen years and young adulthood are difficult under the best of circumstances. But for adolescents who are facing a mental health crisis, such as depression, PTSD, bipolar disorder, anxiety, misdiagnosed behavioral or learning disabilities, or other mental health or substance use disorders, it can be insurmountable.

Many of these adolescents turn to self medicating as the only way to face their disorders. Having a mental health disorder significantly increases a teen's chances for substance disorder, sometimes more than doubling it, such as in the case of ADD or ADHD.  Adolescents coming from mental health or substance disorder treatment often have a multitude of issues to deal with in addition to their diagnosis. 

Beach Glass understands the wide array of challenges to the process of recovery for young people.  Inpatient and IOP treatment at mental health and substance disorder facilities is designed to stabilize patients at a critical time in their diagnosis. Once they leave treatment, however, the support each patient can expect to receive varies widely. Even when an adolescent has a caring family, they may not understand the emotional support opportunities that are available, or they may not be able to afford them. The vast majority of these support opportunities are not peer centered, which can leave a vulnerable young person afraid and unwilling to seek help. 

The stigma and anxiety of these disorders isolates adolescents and makes them afraid to try therapies where they feel they may be judged or won't fit in. Our peer driven programs ensure that every participant can enter our programs with the confidence that everyone else there knows what it's like to be in treatment. This shared recovery experience in alternative supports eliminates stigma and fear while building community. Our programs are designed to keep adolescents engaged with their individual treatment plan, while teaching them essential tools for managing their own mental health. By giving them the opportunity to try proven emotional support activities and classes, each participant can learn how to discover what works for them, and how they can grow and change with their mental health needs. By providing a safe, peer centered environment, we enable young people to learn the process of building resiliency on their path to recovery.